Startup Idea. Project Management. Design. Prototyping


The brief was to form a new team and develop an idea for a new digital startup business.


We wanted to do something good and find a new approach to tackle a really big and difficult problem. We chose to look at social economic mobility and youth unemployment. Due to the magnitude and the complexity of the subject area, we took an action research, lean startup approach to the topic working with assumptions, designing and iterating according to feedback from customers.


Timeframe: 15 days

My Role: Project Manager and Facilitator

Outcome – A crowdsourcing platform for work experience.

One of the key problems with employability of young people is the lack of connection between the educational institutions and industry. This results in a lack of exposure to what industry needs and graduates who are not ready for the wheel world. Many young people are stuck in a cycle whereby they need experience to gain employment but then they need a job to get the experience they need. We spoke to industry about what they mean when they talk about work experience and what they really mean is evidence of relevant learning and the ability to quickly apply learning. So our solution allows for young people to state their aspiration and crowd source short bits of work experience and knowledge from professionals in their chosen industry.






Skills: Design, Enterprise