The Brief

Design a concept for a system that enables people to self manage their health through technology.


The NHS in its current state is unsustainable and the Manchester Health e-Research Centre are consulting the NHS solutions that could be made available through new technology.

Skills I employed

Rapid Prototyping, UI Design, Video Production, Concept Development,

Timeframe: 15 days

pamela logo-02

Outcome: Pamela

Pamela is a virtual personal assistant that helps you to start new good habits or to quit bad ones in order to achieve health goals. The system enables you to involve people you trust in your short term health goals by allowing them to hold you accountable to your commitment to managing youth health. Pamela comes in the form of a social mobile app and develops as device agnostic technology accessible via whichever interfaces or devices the user prefers.

App Interface Mockups 

I used a tool called POP to create wireframes and create a rapid prototype for the app before developing the concept further.



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Skills: Concept Development, Hyper Island, UI Design, Video Animation
Client: Manchester Health e-Research Centre (Hyper Island)