Greenpeace had spent many years lobbying political powers to promote mass adoption of green energy around the world. Despite numerous opportunities for the wide scale take up of greener energy, governments have been taking too long to address these issues. Greenpeace therefore decided to take a bottom up approach to renewable energy and came to Hyper Island students to find solutions that encourage and enable communities from any part of the world to start locally produced green energy projects and to put pressure on local government.


Through research we found three key insights that possibly prevent people from the adoption of green energy or starting their own projects.

  • Collaborative, Flexible Consumption is a big trend. People no longer like long term commitments and large initial expenditure, but to invest in renewable energy solutions such as solar panels, it requires expenditure.
  • Community is more about being part of a common goal or interest than geographic location
  • People desire to be greener and but don’t always know how.
  • People want access rather than ownership.


Timeframe: 12 days

My Skills: Graphic Design, Rapid Prototyping, Video Animation Production

Our Mission was to remove the barriers to solar power by making it more affordable, accessible and visible for people and companies.

Solution: Shine on! by Greenpeace

A community investment platform to enable people to rent solar panels.


Comments from Greenpeace

The idea is fantastic…

It’s clear that there is evidence for this kind of model working, I really now just want to spend half an hour looking at the logistics.

Skills: Concept Development, Design, Hyper Island