djb web_bg-01Hi, I’m Daniel Blyden.

A design, technology and business strategist from Birmingham, UK, using my creative skills to solve problems big and small.

I am driven by opportunities to create rich, meaningful experiences for people and finding insights that enable me to use my creativity in a purposeful way, adding value to the lives of others.

My work to date transcends a variety of disciplines, from graphic & web design to social media strategy, media production and event management. These areas broadly represent, but are not exhaustive of the skills I can deploy in order to achieve a goal. That’s why if you have a browse of my portfolio, you will find a variety of examples of how I integrate my skills to create unique solutions to problems.

I’m currently doing a Masters in Digital Media Management at Hyper Island to expand my knowledge of design, digital technology and how to design businesses that are disruption-proof.

If you want to know more about me, I guess there are two things you can do, you could stalk me on the internet,  or you can get in touch and we can talk.

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